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Fully Custom Pumps and Hydraulic Motors

When your requirements call for a fully custom pump or hydraulic motor solution, no other company offers Cascon’s experience, knowledge, manufacturing capability, and commitment. We collaborate closely to understand each customer’s unique challenges, to define objectives, and to chart the smoothest, most efficient course to produce the ideal solution. Our team offers:

  • More than 150 years of combined pump engineering experience. We know pumps – and we love a challenge.
  • A proven process to manage technical, quality and business requirements. We navigate the design process with experience – and we rely on clear, consistent communication to ensure we’re on target.
  • A turnkey solution that provides unwavering support over the product’s lifecycle. We design and produce excellence – and we stand by our work.
  • Unique knowledge of gerotor, IGR and gear type pumps. Our legacy is built on gerotor and gear technologies. We know them inside and out.
  • Pump specifications to meet your needs. Cascon can design and produce pumps and motors for flows ranging from 0.05 to 100 gpm (0.19 to 378 lpm) and pressures to 3,000 psi (200 bar)

When designing a custom pump or hydraulic motor, the options are nearly unlimited. The Cascon team offers pumps that feature:

  • Integrated electric motors and controls
  • Integrated valves
  • Single or multiple circuits
  • Use-specific working fluids
  • A range of construction materials and finishes
  • Mechanical or electric drives
  • Integrated check valves

During our three-decade history, we’ve designed and produced pumps for a broad range of industrial and aerospace applications with exceptional results. Those applications include:

  • Aerospace
    • Deionized water supply for oxygen generation (Intl. Space Station)
    • Waste water (Intl. Space Station)
    • Fuel-based missile electronics cooling
    • Fuel supply for UAV’s
    • Satellite equipment cooling
    • Engine lubrication and power transfer
  • Industrial
    • Refrigerant-based electronics cooling
    • Cooling for medical CT scanner
    • HVAC compressor lubrication
    • Oil exploration and extraction tools
    • Monitoring equipment test fluid circulation
  • Mobile
    • Heavy truck transmission lubrication
    • Axle gear train lubrication and cooling
    • Clutch actuation and cooling
    • CVT transmission actuation, lube and cooling
    • Gearbox lubrication

Product Examples

Multi-Function Transmission Pump P-260

Lubrication, Actuation, and Fluid Transfer Pump for Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) | Manufacturer of Transmissions for Large Construction and Military Vehicles