Product Type: More Specialty Pumps & Gears

Hydraulic Gerotor Pump for Oil Drilling Industry

The project started when a leading manufacturer of drawworks (and related drilling equipment for the oil and gas industry) identified demand in the oilfield market for a hydraulic gerotor pump that was no longer available. The original pump manufacturer, Haldex, had decided to shut-down their production line after nearly 30 years of service. To solve this… Read more »

DI Water Pump for International Space Station

Project Challenges The Environmental and Control and Life Support System (ECLSS), located in Node 3 of the International Space Station (ISS), was designed to support up to six crew members. The Oxygen Generator Assembly (OGA) within the ECLSS electrolyzes water to produce oxygen and hydrogen; the oxygen is delivered to the cabin atmosphere and the… Read more »

Auto-Reversing Gear Pump for Class 8 Truck Tandem Axle

Objectives Our customer’s 40,000 lb Class 8 truck axle is designed to meet the demands for improved axle performance in conjunction with more powerful engines rated to 600 hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque, and higher linehaul payloads up to 80,000 lbs. The axle features many patented technologies for better performance and longer life, including… Read more »

Hydraulic Motor for Wireline Sidewall Coring Tool

Objectives A leading oilfield services provider asked Cascon to design and manufacture a custom hydraulic motor.  This motor would drive a mechanical sidewall coring tool, which recovers core samples by drilling into the side of a deep well. Samples are then analyzed for critical parameters such as porosity, density, and confirmation of hydrocarbons. They wanted… Read more »

Specialty Oil Transfer Pump for Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Objectives A company which specializes in transformer monitoring for electric utilities searched the global pump market for a specialty oil pump. Their transformer monitor uses state of the art gas chromatography technology to accurately measure critical fault gases trapped within the transformer cooling oil. This data is monitored on a continuous basis, and is then… Read more »

Hydraulic Transfer Pump for Business Class Jet Aircraft

Objectives Our customer needed a custom hydraulic transfer pump to satisfy the needs of their aircraft design and satisfy aviation standards for safety and reliability. This line of general aviation aircraft is designed for the needs of private air travelers. With a range of 3,800 nautical miles at Mach 0.8 cruising speed at 45,000’, this… Read more »

Custom Lube Pump for 100 Kilowatt Microturbo Generator

Objectives Microturbines are one of the most important commercially available technologies to address the global problems of increasing electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions. They offer the combination of variable output power flexibility along with clean, reliable operation in a small, lightweight package. Our customer needed a custom pump design to most effectively lubricate their… Read more »

Hydraulic Gerotor Pump for Skidder Recovery Winch

Objectives Our customer’s twenty ton, heavy duty recovery winch is a single drum unit that mounts on the rear of a crawler tractor, and is driven by engine power through the tractor power take-off. Standard features include single lever control, drag adjustable freespool, and a hydraulically actuated clutch. They needed a custom pump for delivering… Read more »