Industrial Equipment

Cascon designs and manufactures a broad range of gerotor pumps, IGR pumps, gear pumps, and related devices, for OEM industrial equipment manufacturers around the world. Our hydraulic products include coolant pumps, lubrication and scavenge pumps, and transfer pumps, as well as specialty pumps developed to serve the demands of specialized industrial applications.

To optimize efficiency and performance, we work in close collaboration with each client to arrive at clear, concise specifications and determine whether the project calls for reconfiguration of an existing design or development of a purpose-specific product. Our disciplined engineering process is augmented by our deep experience with a wide range of fluids, including oils, fuels, refrigerants, heat-transfer fluids, water-glycol mixtures, urethanes, and other chemicals, allowing us to arrive at the simplest, most cost-efficient solution possible to suit the unique demands of each application.

Product Examples

Gerotor Chemical Metering Pump P-058

Chemical Metering and Dispensing | Industrial Adhesive Applicator Equipment Manufacturer

24 Volt Liquid Refrigerant Pump P-227

Refrigerant R134a Pump for 2-Phase Cooling System | OEM Power Electronics Cooling