A commercial air conditioning and industrial process cooling company needed a specialty pump to support a widely used series of HFC-134a centrifugal water-cooled chillers, rated to 2,500 tons capacity.



Cascon designed a lube pump assembly which consists of a positive displacement gerotor pump close-coupled to a single phase AC induction drive motor. The pump is located inside a reservoir that is maintained at a working pressure of 40 psig. All components are submerged in the working fluid. The drive motor is a 2 HP, 115V single-phase rotor and stator set that was selected for compatibility with the saturated mixture of synthetic oil and refrigerant. The design utilizes a hydrodynamic journal bearing system to carry the pump element, shaft, and drive rotor assembly. All pump housings are machined from grade 30 cast iron.

These pumps are designed to be manufactured economically by Cascon in the USA at quantities which support their production needs.


Select Performance Data

Fluid: ISO 46 Synthetic Oil and R-134a
Flow Rate: 11 GPM
Operating Pressure: 100 psig
Operating Temperature: 180°F
Drive Motor: 2 HP, 115 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 HZ
Weight: 53 lbs
Design Life:  20,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous