115 VAC Coolant Pump P-092

Bearing Lubrication for 2,500 Ton Chiller | Building Environmental System Equipment Manufacturer

Benefits and Features

Minimizing cost and size were key design goals for this unique pump that incorporates the stator lamination stack as a structural element supporting two of the pumps three journal bearings.

  • Cast-iron casings
  • Reliable, heat-treated, sintered-metal gerotor technology
  • Integral 2 HP 115 VAC 50/60 Hz induction motor
  • Hydrodynamic journal bearings


Select Performance Parameters

Supply Voltage 1-P, 50/60 Hz (Vac)115
FluidISO 46 Synthetic Oil and R-134a
Flow Rate (gpm)11
Pressure Rise (psid)100
Operating Temperature (°F)180
Operating Life (hours)20,000
Size (in)7.0 W x 5.6 H x 10.0 L
Weight (lb)53


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Coolant Pump