Product Type: Lube & Scavenge Pumps

Oil Scavenge Pump for Aircraft Electric Generator

Objectives A manufacturer of electrical power generators for commercial and general aviation aircraft required a custom scavenge pump for their new aircraft generator.  The pump would scavenge lubrication oil from the generator sump thereby creating a dry sump, which allows the generator to operate at maximum efficiency.  The high-speed, gerotor style pump assembly scavenges an… Read more »

Lube Pump and Scavenge Pump for 58MW GT Engine

Objectives Our customer’s advanced aeroderivative gas turbine engine sets new standards for the most efficient and most powerful engine available in its class. The engine can be easily configured for mechanical drive and power generation applications rated up 58 MWe. The unique three-shaft design provides a host of operator benefits including rapid start up times,… Read more »

Lube & Scavenge Pump for Business Jet Aircraft Engine

Objectives Our customer needed a custom pump to lubricate their commercial aviation turbofan engine and satisfy aviation standards for safety and reliability. Rated at 1900 lbf thrust, this small, twin-spool turbofan engine is designed primarily for the light business jet market.   Solutions Cascon’s compact multi-circuit gerotor style lube and scavenge pump provides independent functions… Read more »

Custom Oil Pump for Marine Gas Turbine Engine

Objectives Our customer’s small turbine engine is an innovative design featuring a high-speed alternator that eliminates the reduction gearbox, and a heat recovery recuperator for high thermal efficiency. The compact design is ideally suited for marine propulsion and railway traction applications driving electric motors. They needed a custom oil pump solution to optimize the engine’s… Read more »

Oil Lube and Scavenge Pump for FT4 Gas Turbine Engine

Objectives The FT4 is the first engine of Pratt & Whitney’s industrial and marine gas turbine line. Derived from the very successful JT4 axial flow turbojet aircraft engine, the FT4 was first introduced as a propulsion unit on a variety of all-turbine naval vessels, including the Canadian Iroquois class destroyers, and the USCG Hamilton class… Read more »

Lube and Scavenge Pump for 32MW Gas Turbine Engine

Objectives A leading gas turbine engine manufacturer embarked on a complete redesign of the lubrication system for one of their most successful aero-derivative engines.  One primary objective of the project was to move the lube system from a large external skid to inside the smaller engine enclosure. Also critical to this new skid design was… Read more »

Hydraulic Pump for 4MW GT Power Generation

Objectives The design of our customer’s gas turbine engine is derived from a triple shaft commercial aviation turboprop power plant. This lightweight, fuel efficient engine, can be configured to meet a wide variety of mechanical and electric drive configurations, such as a trailer mounted power-pack designed for rapid deployment in urban areas. The engine can… Read more »

Oil Pump for 11,000 HP Marine GT Engine

Objectives The aeroderivative design of our customer’s gas turbine engine provides a lightweight, fuel efficient, compact configuration that can be easily adapted for a variety of mechanical drive and marine propulsion applications rated up to 11,000 hp, and for power generation systems ranging from 6.4 to 7.9 MW. They needed a custom designed, multi-circuit, gerotor… Read more »

Lube Pump and Scavenge Pump for 25-50 MW GT Engine

Objectives An industrial gas turbine company asked Cascon to design and manufacture a custom pump for their lubrication console in a power turbine. Their unique twin-turbine, electric generator design would provide optimum efficiency for base load and part load power generation output ranging from 25 Mw to 50 Mw. The lube console supplies lube oil… Read more »

SAE-90 Lube Pump for Class-8 Truck Transmission

Objectives A diversified power management company asked Cascon to design a custom lubrication pump for their heavy duty class-8 truck transmission. The transmission would feature 30% more shock load capacity, finer teeth on the sliding clutches, and single rail shift controls for improved toughness and easier shifting. Cascon’s lube pump needed to fit directly into… Read more »