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Multi-Circuit Lubrication, Scavenge and Transfer Pumps

Cascon multi-circuit pumps integrate multiple hydraulic circuits in a single pump, allowing for a variety of functions to be performed by a single device. Common circuit functions include lubrication pump, bearing scavenge pump, and hydraulic power pump for gas-turbine engines.  Thousands of Cascon multi-circuit pumps are currently in service, each tailored to serve customer-defined functions with unique sets of flow, pressure and interface requirements for each designated task.


  • Simplified OEM system design. With a single electric motor or mechanical drive input to operate multiple circuits, our streamlined pumps require fewer connections, allowing for simpler, more compact OEM systems.
  • Full configurability for OEM system integration. Our pumps are designed for custom configuration to suit OEM systems, with multiple mounting options, key or spline drives, and a range of fluid interfaces.
  • Multiple custom options. We can custom-configure pumps to client specifications with integrated valves, breakaway couplings, filters, adapters, and a range of complete pump and drive assemblies.


  • As many as eight discrete circuits
  • Individual circuit flows to 50 gpm (190 lpm)
  • Circuit pressures to 1,200 psi (80 bar)
  • Air-to-oil scavenge ratios as high as 30:1
  • High-temperature scavenge capability exceeding 400 °F
  • Aluminum or cast-iron housings
  • A range of finish options
  • Hardened alloy steel or stainless-steel pump elements
  • Hardened steel shaft
  • Mechanical face seal
  • The compact, rugged reliability of gerotor technology

Product Examples

Five-Circuit Multifunction Pump P-102

Hydraulic Actuation, Bearing Lubrication and Scavenge for Industrial 32 MW Gas-Turbine Engine | Leading Gas Turbine Engine Manufacturer