Seven-Circuit Multi-Circuit Gas-Turbine Engine Pump P-057

Bearing Lubrication & Scavenge and Variable Inlet Guide Vane Actuation for 7.9 MW Gas Turbine | Leading Gas Turbine Engine Manufacturer

Benefits & Features

This aero-derivative gas-turbine engine is targeted at marine propulsion applications where space is at a premium.  This multi-function pump was designed to mount directly to the engine gearbox and pull lube oil from a reservoir that could be located well below the engine in deep-V hull installations.  Engine shutdown protocols required that scavenge circuits be designed to operate with 100% gas for extended periods of time.

  • Durable ductile cast-iron casings
  • Optional gearbox and electrical drive arrangements
  • Integral relief valves
  • Hardened steel gerotor technology
  • Single hardened steel shaft

Select Performance Parameters

Working FluidSynthetic Turbine Oil (e.g., MIL-PRF-23699, MIL-PRF-7808
Operating Speed, Maximum (rpm)4,400
Lubrication Flow @ 3600 rpm (gpm)24.5
Lubrication Pressure Rise (psid)100
Actuation Flow (gpm)2.4
Actuation Pressure Rise (psid)300
Scavenge Capacity, Circuits 1-4 @ 3600 rpm (gpm)11
Scavenge Capacity, Circuit 5 @ 3600 rpm (gpm)48
Scavenge Pressure Rise (psid)35
Mean Time Between Overhaul, MTBO (hours)40,000
Weight (lb)65
Size (in)5.4 D x 17.0 L

for Gas Turbine Engine

Multi-circuit Gerotor Lube and Scavenge Pump