The aeroderivative design of our customer’s gas turbine engine provides a lightweight, fuel efficient, compact configuration that can be easily adapted for a variety of mechanical drive and marine propulsion applications rated up to 11,000 hp, and for power generation systems ranging from 6.4 to 7.9 MW. They needed a custom designed, multi-circuit, gerotor pump which provides seven independent functions; lube oil supply to the turbine bearings, oil scavenge from five independent oil sumps, and a high pressure circuit for actuation of the turbine VIGV’s.



Cascon’s positive displacement pump is a modular construction that can be easily adapted to support different engine configurations such as marine propulsion or power generation. All circuits feature cast ductile iron housings with gerotors carried on a single hardened AISI 8620 steel shaft, supported by steel backed PTFE-lead impregnated bronze journal bearings. Dowel pins provide accurate positional alignment of adjoining cast iron housings, which are then clamped together with a series of tie-bolts. Pressure relief valves are included for protection of the actuator and lubrication functions. The pump also features an internal forced lubrication system that protects critical components during adverse operating conditions.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: Fluid MIL-L-23699, MIL-L-7808
Flow Rate – Lube Circuit: 24.5 GPM @ 100 psid
Flow Rate – Actuator Circuit: 2.4 GPM @ 300 psid
Flow Rate – Scav #1,#2,#3,#4: 11 GPM @ 35 psid
Flow Rate – Scav #5: 48 GPM @ 35 psid
Temperature Range: -45 degF to +275 degF
Operating Speed: 3000 – 3600 rpm (4400 max overspeed)
Lube Relief Valve Integral: – 150 psi crack
Actuator Relief Valve Integral: – 430 psi crack
MTBF: 40,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Weight: 80 lbs
Drive: Interface Mechanical or Electric Motor