About Us


About Cascon: a privately owned corporation founded in 1988 in the State of MaineCascon’s success is dependent on our ability to develop long-term business relationships with each and every OEM customer. We accomplish this objective by delivering innovative, cost-effective, custom designed pump solutions together with the technical support and service customers require for the life-cycle of their application. It is this singular focus and commitment to quality that has helped Cascon become a market leader.

We look for new opportunities within five targeted major equipment markets where we have identified a strong need for custom engineered pumps. These markets include power generation, mobile equipment (including military and commercial vehicles), industrial equipment (including oil and gas exploration), chemical metering and dispensing equipment, and aircraft & aerospace equipment.


Cascon is a privately owned corporation founded in 1988 in the State of Maine. The company was created through a joint business venture between a technical consulting company and a Vermont based precision machine shop. Cascon fills a niche in the market for specialty hydraulic equipment by supplying custom engineered, positive displacement pumps, motors, and related hydraulic devices to OEM customers. As befits a leader in the design, development and manufacture of custom engineered gerotor pumps & gear pumps, Cascon holds several patents on gear pump and gerotor pump design.


Our facilities include a modest business office located in Yarmouth, Maine where all sales, marketing, engineering design, pump development testing, and customer service functions are performed. All production related functions are carried out in a new, state-of-the-art ISO9001 certified, manufacturing facility located in Walpole, New Hampshire. This facility includes dedicated work areas for product storage, pump assembly, production testing, and a climate controlled inspection room. Our in-house production capability consists primarily of CNC equipment for metal cutting, turning, milling, honing, and grinding. We also maintain extensive wire EDM capability for manufacture of specialty gerotors and IGR pump rotors. Special processes such as welding, heat treat, coatings, and lapping, are typically out-sourced to a qualified list of approved subcontractors.