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Electric Drive Fuel, Coolant and Transfer Pumps

Cascon has been supplying pumps with integral electric drives for more than twenty years. With electrical engineers on staff, we integrate AC, DC, and brushless DC motors directly into our pumps and offer configure-to-order, engineer-to-order as well as fully custom options.  Our electric-drive pumps can be found serving industrial, medical, military and aerospace applications.


  • Reliability. With thousands of units currently in service, cumulatively clocking millions of operating hours, our electric drive pumps have established a reputation for durability and reliability.
  • Compact, Durable & Efficient. Our designs are tightly integrated with a single shaft.
  • Configure-to-Order Products Available. Our configure-to-order Series 151 Fuel Metering Pump and our Series 300 Hi-Rel Fuel and Coolant Pump offer an affordable aerospace grade solution for UAV engine fuel supply, avionics cooling and other high reliability applications.


  • Gerotor, IGR, and gear type pumping elements close coupled to the drive motor
  • Steel, stainless-steel, Stellite, and ceramic pump elements
  • Hardened steel, stainless-steel, and Stellite shafts
  • Leak-free, mag-coupled and sealless canned rotor designs available
  • Optional integrated brushless DC controls
  • Journal and ball bearing system options

Product Examples

28V Brushless DC Coolant Pump P-264

Galden Heat Transfer Fluid Pump for Spacecraft Crew Capsule | Industry Leading Spacecraft Environmental System Supplier

24 Volt Liquid Refrigerant Pump P-227

Refrigerant R134a Pump for 2-Phase Cooling System | OEM Power Electronics Cooling