28 Volt IGR Fuel Metering Pump P-151

Configure-to-Order product Configure-to-Order

Conventional and EFI Fuel Supply | Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Benefits & Features

This configure-to-order fuel supply pump is designed for use with military and other high reliability unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications.  It is suitable for use with returnless electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems and can be controlled directly by most engine control units (ECU) to regulate pressure to the EFI.

  • IGR Pump Rotor
  • Powerful Brushless DC Motor
  • Integrated Pump Control
  • Flooded Motor for Leak Free Operation (No Rotary Seal)
  • Configurable for Variable or Constant Flow
  • Custom Electrical Connector Options Available
  • Optional Inlet Filter
  • Tested to MIL-STD-810E & MIL-STD-461

Select Performance Parameters

Supply Voltage (Vdc)22-32
FluidMost Fuels (e.g., Jet A, Avgas 100LL, JP4, JP8, JP10)
Flow Rate, Maximum (in3/minute)75
Pressure Rise, Maximum Continuous (psid)100
Speed/Flow Command Signal (Volts)0-5
Speed/Flow Feedback0-5 Volt Square Wave
Operating Temperature Range (°C)-46 to 85
Power Consumption at Maximum Fuel Ouput (Watts)40
Size (in)1.25 W x 1.25 H x 4.28 L
Weight (grams)<400 (450 with Filter)


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