Hydraulic Solutions for OEM Applications

Specializing in custom gerotor pump and gear pump solutions

Cascon applies a wide range of technologies to the design and manufacture of custom engineered pump solutions for its aerospace, chemical, gas turbine, industrial, mission critical and mobile customers. Our engineering staff has decades of experience designing real world solutions that apply their expertise in gerotor pump and positive displacement rotary pump devices. Cascon engineers harness the flexibility of these technologies to match the right design with the right application.Learn More >>

Custom Gear Pump and Gerotor Pump Hydraulic Solutions

Cascon fills a niche in the market for specialty hydraulic equipment by designing, testing and manufacturing custom engineered, positive displacement pumps, motors, and related hydraulic devices to OEM customers worldwide. Many of our customers are manufacturers that have lubrication, scavenge, fluid transfer, fluid metering, and light duty fluid power requirements. Cascon adds value to the entire process by providing innovative custom gear pump designs, many of which feature flexible and adaptive gerotor pump and IGR technologies. We utilize our extensive engineering resources to custom-tailor each prototype to our customer’s unique application. We apply our knowledge and experience with valves, electric motors and electronics within a framework of integration strategies that result in the most technologically advanced product possible within the requirements of our customer’s budget.


Custom Hydraulic Solutions
Cascon’s success in over twenty-five years of business is the result of providing well engineered custom pumps and related products to its customers 
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For most applications, Cascon will complete baseline level performance testing in support of design verification without any additional cost to the customer. This work is typically incorporated into the Acceptance Test Procedure for the prototype hardware. In addition, Cascon provides a full range of services to support qualification testing for any new pump design. These services include environmental tests (temperature, shock, vibration, altitude, contamination testing), operational performance testing, and reliability testing. We also design, build and maintain our own test equipment to support ongoing product development, and long-term reliability testing.

Custom Pump and Hydraulic Device Manufacturing

Once a customer is satisfied that the prototype hardware meets all of the functional and operational requirements, and all necessary qualification tests have been completed, Cascon works to ensure a smooth transition to production level manufacturing. This includes the building of any tooling that might be required such as casting patterns, CNC tooling, test fixtures, and assembly fixtures. In addition, we will develop the necessary production and QA planning tools that might be required such as product and process FMEAs, Manufacturing Control Plans, FAIR’s, PPAP’s, and Acceptance Test Procedures.

Our custom pump manufacturing facility in New Hampshire is equipped with a wide variety of palletized, multi-axis, CNC machining centers. With properly designed tombstone fixtures, and up to 200 component tool crib capacities, our machines are both agile and versatile with capacity to accommodate every project from short runs of 10 units or less to high volume jobs in excess of 50,000 units. For high volume jobs, we employ Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques to ensure peak quality in every product we deliver. We also design, build and maintain our own test facilities necessary for completing any functional tests of our products, further ensuring their optimal operational performance in the field.

High Performance Custom Fluid Handling Pump Products

Cascon has 26 years of experience producing custom fuel metering pumps, chemical metering pumps, coolant pumps, lube pumps, and highly specialized pumps for unique applications that require exceptional materials and distinctly atypical manufacturing processes. Every pump product Cascon manufactures is custom tailored to meet the specialized needs of our OEM customers, and for that reason we do not offer any off-the-shelf pump products.

As you might expect of a leader in the design, development and manufacture of custom engineered gerotor pumps & gear pumps, Cascon holds several patents on gear pump and gerotor pump designs.

Whether you’re in the aircraft & aerospace, chemical, gas turbine or industrial & mobile markets, Cascon’s custom engineered pumps and hydraulic products are designed to provide fluid handling solutions which are not currently available from high-volume manufacturers.

Cascon’s engineering expertise is paired directly with scaleable manufacturing facilities to provide new products which support your project quickly and efficiently.

Our customers include:
  • Eaton
  • Sealed Air
  • Siemens
  • McQuay
  • UTAS
  • Qinterra
  • Honeywell
  • Allison
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Teledyne
  • Daikin
  • Massmann
  • gulfstream
  • Textron
  • Parker
  • Triumph
  • Lytron
  • Serveron
  • Paccar
  • KDS