Gas, Oil, and Mining

Few operating environments are more punishing than those experienced daily by the oil, gas, and mining industries. Designed to endure and perform under a steady onslaught of intense heat, high-intensity vibration, and extreme pressure, often in corrosive  environments, Cascon products have served clients throughout the world for more than twenty years.

When Cascon engineers work with gas, oil, and mining clients, we rely on proven processes that have successfully guided every project – from concept to implementation. While many of our existing pump and hydraulic motor designs can be configured for new applications, we frequently work with clients to custom engineer products to suit unique or new technologies. And throughout the course of each engagement, we stay in close contact with our client, ensuring an open line of communication that streamlines the process, and consistently produces exceptional results.

Product Examples

Hydraulic Gerotor Pump P-250

Drop-In Replacement for Obsolete Haldex Part No. H12P-30-B3 | Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer