Hydraulic Gerotor Pump P-250

Drop-In Replacement for Obsolete Haldex Part No. H12P-30-B3 | Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer

Benefits & Features

Cascon designed this drop-in replacement for the obsolete Haldex pump, part number H12P-30-B3.  The catalog Haldex pump was discontinued, stranding a variety of equipment designs developed by manufacturers servicing the oil, gas and mining industry.

Note: This pump model is for sale and exclusively distributed by Walz & Krenzer, Inc.  (Send an email or call +1-203-267-5712 for latest pricing and availability.)

  • Rugged cast iron and steel construction
  • Functional and mechanical equivalent to Haldex H12P-30-B3
  • Bidirectional rotation
  • Viton O-ring seals
  • Keyed drive shaft
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Designed for continuous duty cycle

Select Performance Parameters

Pump Speed, Nominal (rpm)1,800
FluidHydraulic Oils
Pump Flow, Nominal (gpm)18
Pressure Rise, Maximum Continuous (psid)1,000
Fluid temperature range (˚F)-40 - 250
Duty cycleContinuous
Size (in)4.7 D x 6.0 L
Weight (lb)~19


Draw-works Application


Engineered-to-Order Oil Pump