A leading oilfield services provider asked Cascon to design and manufacture a custom hydraulic motor.  This motor would drive a mechanical sidewall coring tool, which recovers core samples by drilling into the side of a deep well. Samples are then analyzed for critical parameters such as porosity, density, and confirmation of hydrocarbons. They wanted a more reliable method of retrieving these core samples from the well formation, while positively identifying the depth and time of each sample. Suspended on a wire that extends deep underground, the wireline tool requires a hydraulic coring motor to perform reliably while withstanding severe environmental conditions.


Cascon engineered a high performance, rugged hydraulic motor to withstand the severe duty cycle and extreme operating conditions for this down-hole tool application. The design utilizes Cascon’s patented IGR rotor technology, as well as specialized materials and coatings that are best suited to an oil well. These motors are all designed, tested, and produced by Cascon in the USA. The completed tool is used exclusively by our customer around the world to serve the oil and gas industry today.