24 Volt Liquid Refrigerant Pump P-227

Refrigerant R134a Pump for 2-Phase Cooling System | OEM Power Electronics Cooling

Benefits & Features

The challenges of pumping a refrigerant are unique, from the subtleties of moving liquid near its saturation temperature to efficiently pumping such a low-viscosity fluid.  Cascon developed the technology and knowhow to design products that reliably meet these challenges for cooling applications including IGBT’s, Medium Voltage Drives, AC Motor Drives, and AC/DC power converters.

  • 24 VDC Brushless DC Drive Motor
  • Variable Flow with Integrated Control
  • Flooded Motor (static elastomer seals only)
  • Ultra-Wear Resistant Pump Element
  • ROHS, UL, ANSI compliant

Select Performance Parameters

Supply (Vdc)24
Pump Speed, Nominal (rpm)4,000
FluidRefrigerant R134a
Flow, Maximum (lpm)12
Pressure Rise, Maximum Continuous (psid)75
Safety Burst Pressure (psig)1,550
Fluid Temperature Range (˚C)-25 to 70
Duty cycleContinuous
Operating Life (hours)50,000
Size (in.)2.85 D x 9.25 L
Weight (lb.)6


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