A multinational industrial equipment supplier needed a liquid refrigerant pump for a patented, two-phase evaporative precision cooling system.  The system uses a non-conductive refrigerant (R134a) to transfer heat in a modularized cold-plate, rack ready design. The cold plates and cooling racks can be configured to support a wide variety of cooling applications including IGBT’s, Medium Voltage Drives, AC Motor Drives, and AC/DC power converters.

Our customer’s primary technical challenges were related to developing a very high reliability positive displacement pump to handle a very low viscosity, low lubricity R134a refrigerant, to survive in a very wide range of environments, and to meet a 50,000 hour continuous duty operating life target.  In addition, the integration of a 24V brushless DC motor with electronic controls within the packaging and spatial constraints were also considered.


Cascon’s CS-227 pump is optimized for our customer’s high density cooling system rated for 30KW.  The pump responds dynamically to changes in heat load via an input command voltage to the electronic motor control that provides a variable, proportional, flow rate response.  The design strategy leverages Cascon’s experience developing hermetic and semi-hermetic, positive displacement pumps for aerospace and other mission critical applications.  The design features a custom engineered gerotor type pumping element with integral 24 VDC brushless motor and electronic motor controller.  The motor rotor and stator operate flooded in the working fluid to eliminate rotary seals; the design uses only static o-ring seals.  A hermetic feed-through interface plate provides electrical connectivity between the wetted motor-rotor cavity and the electronic motor control.  The pump is made in the USA.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: R-134A
Flow Rate: 50 – 600 LPH
Temperature Range: -20 degF to +150 degF
Pressure Rise: 55 psid
Operating Voltage: 22 – 32 VDC
Burst Pressure: 1550 psi
Agency Compliance: ROHS, UL, ANSI
Design Life: 50,000 hours