28V Hydraulic Transfer Pump P-089

Hydraulic System Charge Pump | Premier Business Jet Manufacturer

Benefits & Features

With a compact footprint and integral 28 VDC electric drive, this affordable aerospace grade pump charges the aircraft hydraulic fluid reservoir.

  • Proven 28V DC motor
  • Reliable Gerotor technology
  • EMI shielding and grounding
  • Integral relief valve

Select Performance Parameters

Supply Voltage (Vdc)22-34
Working FluidSkydrol Hydraulic Fluid
Flow Rate (gpm)0.5
Pressure Rise, Nominal (psid)60
Temperature Range (°F)-65 - 225
Environmental RequirementsRTCA/DO-160
Size (in)2.53 D x 5.4 L
Weight (lb)4


for Aircraft and Aerospace


Gerotor Pump, Made in the USA