24 V Oil Transfer Pump P-138

Circulation of Transformer Oil for Gas-Chromatography Based Monitoring | Utility Service Company

Benefits & Features

This brushless DC motor driven pump was designed to operate at low speed and mount directly to our customer’s equipment in order to minimize fluid turbulence that could effect the results of their state of the art gas chromatography technology.  The circulating transformer oil is monitored for trace gases that indicate impending transformer failure.

  • Canned rotor design which eliminates the rotary shaft seal and the possibility of leaks
  • Manifold mount
  • 8-pole neodymium brushless DC motor for a long maintenance-free life
  • Rotor speed feedback that can be used for closed-loop servo control
  • Hardened steel shaft supported by journal bearings
  • Housings machined from heat treated aluminum alloy
  • Teflon impregnated hard anodized finish for superior corrosion protection and durability in harsh environments
  • Integral 24-Vdc brushless dc drive motor

Select Performance Parameters

Operating Voltage, Nominal (Volts)24
Working FluidTransformer Oils (e.g. Shell Diala AX)
Operating Speed, Nominal (rpm)750
Flow Rate, Nominal (cc/min)250
Pressure Rise (psid)50
Temperature Range (°C)-15°C to +120
Operating Life (hours)40,000
Weight (lb)2.5
Size (in)3.0 D x 4.5 L


for Electric Utility DGA Monitor


Transfer Pump, Made in the USA