Series 100 High-Reliability Fuel and Coolant Pump P-300

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Fuel & Coolant Supply | Aircraft, eVTOL, UAV and other High-Reliability Industrial Applications

Benefits & Features

Based on technology developed by Cascon for space flight and military products, our Series 100 pump models provide an affordable aerospace-grade solution for your high-reliability fuel and coolant pumping application.  Available with a range of displacements, fluid interfaces and control options, it can be configured to a particular system design.  A variety of configurations can be built directly from stock.

Download/print a Product Datasheet for more information.

  • Integral 28V Brushless DC Drive Motor
  • Canned Rotor and Flooded Stator Options Available
  • Integrated Pump Control
  • Constant or Variable Flow/Speed
  • Single-Piece 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing with Integral Mounting Points
  • Gerotor and IGR Pump Rotor Options

Select Performance Parameters

Operating FluidsFuels, Water/Glycol Solutions, Heat Transfer Fluids, Other Low-Viscosity Fluids
Supply Voltage (Vdc)22-32
Flow, Maximum Displacement Configuration (lpm)6.5
Speed/Flow Command Signal (V)0-5
Pressure Rise, Maximum Pressure Configuration (bar)15
Dimensions (in)2.2 W x 1.7 H x 4.75 L
Weight (lb / grams)1.5 / 680

Ideal for Aircraft and Other High Reliability Applications

1.5 lbs / 680g