12 Volt Duplex Fuel Pump for Aircraft P-160

Redundant Fuel Supply for General Aviation Aircraft | Manufacturer of Aircraft

Our customer needed a custom fuel pump to satisfy the needs of their aircraft design and satisfy aviation standards for safety and reliability. This line of general aviation aircraft is designed for the needs of private air travelers. There is seating for four and the plane has a range of 925 nautical miles, with a cruising speed of 200+knots at 25,000 ft. The engine requires an independent pump module (IPM) with redundant pumps mounted on the inboard rib of each aircraft wing.

Benefits & Features

This duplex pump was designed with reliability and aircraft maintenance in mind.

  • Redundant pumps in a single package with common inlets and outlet
  • Light-weight aluminum housings
  • Integrated relief and check valves
  • BLDC technology with canned rotor for leak-free operation (no rotary seals)
  • Two wire on/off operation
  • Left and right strut mounting accommodated in a single design

Select Performance Parameters

Operating Voltage (Vdc)20 – 17
Working FluidAvgas, 100LL, Gasoline
Flow Rate (lph)130
Pressure Rise (psid)70
Inlet Pressure (psia)12 – 25
Operating Life (hours)10,000
Current Draw, Nominal (Amps)6


For General Aviation


Dual Fuel Metering Pumps, Made in the USA