Our customer needed a custom fuel pump to satisfy the needs of their aircraft design and satisfy aviation standards for safety and reliability. This line of general aviation aircraft is designed for the needs of private air travelers. There is seating for four and the plane has a range of 925 nautical miles, with a cruising speed of 200+Kts at 25,000ft. The engine requires an independent pump module (IPM) with redundant pumps mounted on the inboard rib of each aircraft wing.


Cascon’s duplex pump was designed around a continuous duty flow rate requirement of 130 liters/hour with a discharge pressure of 68 psi. The pump design is such that either pump assembly attached to the IPM can be activated by simply switching the power source between the two pump assemblies. The design employs two precision positive displacement gerotor type pumps, and housed end-to-end in a machined, lightweight aluminum alloy manifold containing check and relief valves. The semi-hermetic (“wet” rotor/motor) design has been optimized to eliminate the potential for leaks. A T-fitting is installed in the inlet port for easy connection to the fuel tank on either the starboard or port wing strut (the unused end would simply be capped). Each of the individual pumps is self-contained and removable from the duplex housing, thereby facilitating LRU serviceability requirements.


Select Performance Data

Fluid: Avgas, 100LL, Gasoline
Flow Rate: 130 lph
Discharge Pressure: 68 psig nom, 80 max
Inlet Pressure Range: 12 – 25 psia
Temperature Range: -65 to +140 °F
Operating Voltage: 20 – 17 vdc (13.5 vdc nom)
Current Draw: 6 amps max at nominal voltage
Construction: Hermetic assembly
Design life: 10,000 hours
Environmental: Per MIL-STD-810