24 Volt IGR Fuel Metering Pump P-141

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Benefits & Features

This durable liquid fuel metering pump relies on IGR technology, a positive displacement pump type that features rolling contact between elements for extended operating life.  An integral brushless DC drive motor and digital electronic controller complete the pump allowing direct engine control by the engine control unit (ECU).

  • High turn down ratio of 50:1
  • Leak-free sealless design (canned rotor)
  • Integral relief valve
  • Hardened steel IGR pump element
  • Rapid response suitable for direct engine control

Select Performance Parameters

Supply Voltage (Vdc)12-28
Working FluidFuels (e.g. Jet-A, JP-4, JP-10, K-1, Diesel)
Flow Rate (cc/min)20 – 1000
Pressure Rise, Maximum Continuous (psid)100
Metering Accuracy+/- 2 %
Operating Life (hours)20,000


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Fuel Metering Pump