Core Technology

Cascon specializes in rotary, positive displacement pumps and related equipment, and we have experience with the range of technologies required to deliver the very best solution for your OEM needs.

Our roots run deep in the technology needed to deliver the very best pump solutions.  Some of our engineers started their careers in the custom pump field in the 1960’s and since its inception in 1988, Cascon has worked with customers who are technology leaders in their respective industries.  Whether developing a solution for a truck axle or transmission, oil & gas exploration equipment, or a spacecraft environmental system, we have never missed an opportunity to learn.  We can leverage this unique technical knowledge to bring the very best pump solution to your OEM product.


When it comes to gerotors, Cascon engineers are among the most experienced in the world.  The names of Cascon engineers are on a variety of patents related to these devices, some of which date back to the initial widespread commercial introduction of the gerotor in the 1970’s. Gerotors can handle an extremely wide range of fluids, from oils, fuels and refrigerants to high viscosity chemicals. We can design pumps which effectively manage flows ranging from a few cc/min to over 300 gallons per minute, with operating pressures up to 2000 psi.

The gerotor consists of just two components: an inner and outer element, each supported by the structure of the pump. Its principle of its operation is very simple and easily understood through the illustration below. As the two elements rotate, an expanding “pocket” is formed to draw fluid in through the pump inlet. Fluid is forced out through the pump outlet as the pocket contracts. Porting contained in the adjacent housings provides for the inlet and outlet timing necessary to keep the two sealed from one another.

We manufacture high precision gerotors in our own factory – using a variety of materials and processes – but also purchase steel and powdered metal units from other manufacturers such as Nichols Portland and Metal Powder Products (formerly NetShape).

Internally Generated Rotor (IGR)

The IGR is a close cousin of the gerotor and is based on a very similar set of generating equations, but with a term or two reversed. The gerotor outer element is comprised of a series of semi-circular forms while the inner element has a continuously changing radius of curvature. The IGR reverses this arrangement: the outer element has a continuously changing radius of curvature and the inner carries the conjugate circular forms. In the IGR, these circular forms are replaced with cylindrical rolls carried by the inner element. While more expensive than a Gerotor, this arrangement gives the IGR useful advantages in certain challenging applications, but its principle of operation is identical to that of the gerotor.  IGR sets need a high level of precision in order to function properly so we manufacture them in our own factory.

Spur Gears

For certain applications, a spur gear pump design can be the best choice. They are capable of higher pressures and can offer some efficiency advantage in very low power applications (one of our pumps, designed for next generation space suit applications, consumes less than 5 Watts while doing its job).  There is of course a very mature manufacturing base in industry for gear production, and we work with the very best to produce ceramic and alloy steel pump gears when we need them for an application.

Casings and Interface

Our pump casings are manufactured in our factory and may start as billet material, a casting, or even an additively manufactured part depending on the end product. We work with a handful of casting suppliers around the world to apply the most appropriate, cost-effective technology.  We are familiar with most industry standard mechanical mounting and drive arrangements, and can also provide any variation in one of our engineer-to-order and custom products.

Integration of accessory devices

In many cases, ancillary devices such as relief valves, pressure control valves, checks, burst plugs, filters, or sensors can be integrated into the product design to provide an optimum system-level solution. Our engineers can accommodate catalog or other third-party devices into a new product or provide custom designs when needed.

Electric Motors and Controls

With electrical engineers on staff, we have a unique capability for integrating electric drive motors and associated electronics directly into a pump design.  AC, DC, and brushless DC drive options are integrated into many of our engineer-to-order and configure-to-order products and can be included in a completely custom design when called for.  These highly integrated products can offer our customers considerable benefits in size, weight, reliability and cost.