28V Brushless DC Coolant Pump P-264

Galden Heat Transfer Fluid Pump for Spacecraft Crew Capsule | Industry Leading Spacecraft Environmental System Supplier

Benefits & Features

This ultra-high-reliability, custom-designed pump provides a cost-effective solution to a challenging and highly technical application.  Our robust and flexible requirements management system supports the stringent quality requirements imposed on manned space flight programs.

  • Aluminum housings
  • Stellite gerotor pumping element
  • Hybrid-ceramic bearings
  • Integrated inlet filter
  • Ruggedized brushless DC motor
  • Designed for extreme vibration and shock
  • Manifold mount

Select Performance Parameters

Operating Voltage22 - 34
Pump Speed, Maximum (rpm)7,500
Fluid TypeFluorinated Heat Transfer Fluids (e.g., Galden)
Fluid Kinematic Viscosity (cSt)<1
Rated Flow at Maximum Speed (gpm)1.5
Rated Pressure (psid)50
Shock and Vibration EnvironmentSevere
Duty CycleContinuous, variable speed
Operating Life Target (hours over 10 years)75,000
Size (in)2.78 sq. flange x 7.4 L
Weight (lb)~2.5


Thermal System Experiment


Crew Capsule (Artist Rendering)