Our customer needed a custom pump to lubricate their commercial aviation turbofan engine and satisfy aviation standards for safety and reliability. Rated at 1900 lbf thrust, this small, twin-spool turbofan engine is designed primarily for the light business jet market.



Cascon’s compact multi-circuit gerotor style lube and scavenge pump provides independent functions of engine lubrication and oil scavenge from two bearing sumps. The assembly contains a gerotor stack contained in cast iron eccentric rings separated by aluminum port plates. The rotor stack is inserted into the bore of a cast aluminum housing that is loaded axially by a spring washer to compensate for thermal expansion. This pump operates efficiently under the most severe ambient operating conditions of 330 degF and 4 psia inlet pressure. The pump assembly also integrates a magnetic plug and strainer in the pressure element inlet line and the rear bearing scavenge element, as well as a pressure relief valve to protect the lube element.


Select Performance Data:

Operating Fluid: MIL-L-23699 or MIL-L-7808
Operating Speed: 11,000 rpm
Lube Flow: 2.4 GPM
Lube Pressure: 80 psid
Front Scavenge Flow: 3.6 GPM
Rear Scavenge Flow: 3.6 GPM
Weight: 2.4 lbs.
MTBO: 20,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous