Two-Circuit Electric-Drive Lubrication and Scavenge Pump P-131

Gas-Turbine Engine Lubrication and Scavenge | Manufacturer of Marine Engines

Benefits & Features

Cascon delivers this complete solution for bearing lubrication and scavenge of our customers high-efficiency gas-turbine engine ideally suited for marine propulsion and railway traction applications.

  • Electric drive
  • Integral relief valve
  • IP55 ingress protection
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • Journal bearings for long life

Select Performance Parameters

Working FluidMIL-PRF-23699 Turbine Oil
Input Power230 VAC, 3-P, 60 Hz
Operating Speed (rpm)3,600
Lubrication Flow (lph)220
Lubrication Pressure Rise (bar)4
Scavenge Capacity (lph)550
Scavenge Pressure Rise (bar)1
Mean Time Between Overhaul, MTBO (hours)20,000
Weight24 Kg

Marine Turbine Engine Applications

Lube and Scavenge Pump