Our customer’s small turbine engine is an innovative design featuring a high-speed alternator that eliminates the reduction gearbox, and a heat recovery recuperator for high thermal efficiency. The compact design is ideally suited for marine propulsion and railway traction applications driving electric motors. They needed a custom oil pump solution to optimize the engine’s lubrication system.



Cascon’s gerotor pump assembly consists of a multi circuit, positive displacement pump, pump mount, drive coupling, and a 1.1 kw, 3 phase marine duty electric drive motor. One independent scavenge circuit is rated at 550 lph, and the lube oil circuit rated at 220 lph. The housings are machined from grade 30 cast-iron bar that are finished with electroless nickel plating for corrosion protection. The shaft is machined from hardened AISI 8620 steel, and is supported by hydrodynamic journal bearings, which operate over the pressure and speed range of the pump.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: MIL-L-23699 turbine oil
Lube Circuit Flow: 220 lph @ 4 bar max
Scavenge Circuit: 550 lph @ 1 bar
Ambient Temp. Range: -5 degC to +80 degC
Operating Speed: 3600 rpm
Lube Relief Valve: Integral – 15 bar crack
Electric Drive Motor: 230vac, 3 ph, 60 hz, Lloyds Register
MTBO: 20,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Ingress Protection: IP55
Weight: 24 kg