Five-Circuit Multifunction Pump P-102

Hydraulic Actuation, Bearing Lubrication and Scavenge for Industrial 32 MW Gas-Turbine Engine | Leading Gas Turbine Engine Manufacturer

Benefit & Features

This multi-function pump was designed in close cooperation with our customer to minimize lube skid size and optimize engine operation.

  • Five circuit functionality
  • Vertical in-tank mounting
  • Stainless steel interface plate for all hydraulic connections
  • SAE J1926 straight thread O-ring ports
  • Integrated pressure relief valves
  • Hardened steel gerotor pump elements
  • Available with AC electric drive and coupling packages

Select Performance Parameters

Pump Speed (rpm)3,600
Fluid TypeSynthetic turbine engine lubricating oils (e.g., MIL-PRF-23699/MIL-PRF-7808)
Number of Circuits 5
Max Continuous Circuit Pressure (psi)750
Ambient Temperature Range (°F)-45° - 250
Max Fluid Temperature (°F)400
Duty CycleContinuous
MTBO (hours)20,000
Weight (lb)170

Two Pumps Installed in Gas-Turbine Lubrication Skid

Multi-Circuit Lube and Scavenge Pump