Seven Circuit Lubrication and Scavenge Pump P-147

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Benefits & Features

Our customer wanted a rugged, industrial grade, scalable solution for the lubrication and scavenge needs of their newly introduced 58 MW aero-derivative gas turbine engine.  The pump would need to mount on the engine gearbox where the more expensive and less flexible aerospace pump was previously installed so compactness and weight were still a consideration.

  • Seven independent pumping functions: oil supply for gas generator bearing lubrication and six independent scavenge circuits for each of the engine bearing compartments
  • Shell-mold castings based pump casings
  • Integrated magnetic chip detector and strainer assemblies
  • Ports for resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensors
  • Gearbox mount with quick attach/detach V-Band flange connector per MS3333-2
  • Splined input shaft with replaceable shear section designed to protect against torque overloading of the gearbox

Select Performance Parameters

Pump Speed (rpm)4,940
FluidSynthetic Turbine Engine Lubricating Oils (e.g., MIL-PRF-23699/MIL-PRF-7808)
Max Circuit Flow (gpm)32
Ambient Temperature Range (°F)-45 - 250
Fluid Temperature, Maximum (°F)400
Duty cycleContinuous
Mean Time Between Overhaul, MTBO (hours)60,000
Size (in)9.375 D x 20.5 L
Weight (lb)75

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Lube and Scavenge Pump