Our customer’s advanced aeroderivative gas turbine engine sets new standards for the most efficient and most powerful engine available in its class. The engine can be easily configured for mechanical drive and power generation applications rated up 58 MWe. The unique three-shaft design provides a host of operator benefits including rapid start up times, high availability, and high operating efficiency. Each engine requires a gearbox mounted, multi-stage gerotor style lube and scavenge pump which was developed by Cascon.



Cascon’s multi-circuit gerotor pump assembly provides six independent pumping functions; oil supply for gas generator bearing lubrication, and independent scavenge circuits for six engine bearing compartments. Each of the six scavenge housings contain magnetic chip detector-strainer assemblies and resistance temperature detector (RTD) ports. The pump has a quick attach/detach V-Band flange connector per MS3333-2 and a locating dowel to ensure correct alignment on the gearbox mounting pad. The splined input shaft includes a shear section designed to protect against torque overloading of the gearbox. The shear section can be replaced without disassembly of the pump. The pump is a modular construction consisting of cast ductile iron housings mounted on a single steel shaft bolted together with tie rods.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid Synthetic: ester based oils
Lube Circuit Flow: 19.8 GPM @ 215 psid
IGB Scav: 31.7 GPM @ 90 psid
EGB Scav: 14.5 GPM @ 15 psid
TBH Scav: 9.2 GPM @ 40 psid
COT Scav: 9.2 GPM @ 0 psid
FBH Scav:  14.5 GPM @ 50 psid
HP/IP Scav: 14.5 GPM @ 80 psid
Ambient Temp. Range:  -45 degF to +250 degF
Operating Speed: 4940 rpm
Lube Relief Valve: Integral – 350-375 psid crack
MTBO: 60,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Weight: 75 lbs