Two-Circuit Scavenge Pump P-186

High-Speed Aircraft Generator Oil Scavenge  | Manufacturer of Aircraft Generators

Benefits & Features

This light-weight scavenge pump is designed as a cartridge that comes fully tested from our factory for easy assembly into the customer’s generator housing.

  • Single piece aluminum housing
  • Custom gerotor profile
  • Cavitation free operation at speeds up to 11,000 rpm
  • Journal bearings

Select Performance Parameters

Pump Speed, Maximum (rpm)10,900
Working FluidSynthetic Lubricating Oil (e.g., MIL-PRF-23699 or MIL-PRF-7808)
Fluid Temperature Range (°C)-55 - 110
Air to Oil Ratio (Approx.)4:1
Circuit Displacement (in3/revolution)0.235
Pressure Rise, Nominal (psid)80
Operating Life (hours)30,000
Operating Altitude, Maximum (ft)35,000
Weight (lb)1.67
Size (in)2.375 D x 2.75 L

Commercial Aviation

Lube and Scavenge Pump