An industrial gas turbine company asked Cascon to design and manufacture a custom pump for their lubrication console in a power turbine. Their unique twin-turbine, electric generator design would provide optimum efficiency for base load and part load power generation output ranging from 25 Mw to 50 Mw. The lube console supplies lube oil to the bearings of the turbine as well as scavenge oil from two independent sumps.


Cascon designed a positive displacement, multi-circuit, oil lube and scavenge pump which provides all three independent pumping functions simultaneously. These pumps are all designed, tested, and produced by Cascon in the USA.

  • The #1 scavenge section utilizes two gerotor elements in a single housing with a separate inlet port.
  • The #2 scavenge function uses six gerotor elements; two each located in a series of three scavenge housing sections.
  • The lubrication section consists of a single positive displacement gerotor element with separate oil inlet and discharge ports.
  • The lubrication section includes a relief valve that is factory set to crack at 120 psi.
  • External inlet and discharge manifolds connect inlet and discharge ports for each of the three housing sections.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: MIL-L-23699, MIL-L-7808
Flow Rate – Lube Circuit: 14.5 GPM
Flow Rate – Scav #1: 55 GPM @ 35 psi
Flow Rate – Scav #2: 164 GPM @ 35 psi
Temperature Range: -45 degF to +275 degF
Operating Pressure: 100 psi
Operating Speed: 3000-3600 rpm
Relief Valve: Integral: 120 psi crack ± 5 psig.
MTBF: 40,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous