Lubrication and Scavenge Pump P-112

FT4 Gas Turbine Engine Bearing Lubrication and Scavenge | FT4 Gas-Turbine Operators

Benefits & Features

This multi-circuit pump was designed to support the Pratt & Whitney Power Systems FT4 engine and is a direct replacement to the Nichols Model GM626 lube oil pumps originally installed on the power turbine lube skid.  This heavy duty pump provides superior reliability and durability.

  • Meets Turbo Power and Marine Systems (predecessor to P&WPS) original equipment specification IPA 6262
  • Minimal piping and mounting modifications required
  • Integral relief valve
  • Reliable Gerotor technology
  • Durable ductile cast-iron casings
  • Case-hardened drive shaft

Select Performance Parameters

Working FluidTurbine Oil (e,g,, MIL-PRF-23699, MIL-PRF-7808)
Operating Speed (rpm)3600 (60 Hz), 2,950 (50 Hz)
Lube Flow, 2,950 rpm (gpm)9.8
Lube Pressure, Nominal (psid)100
Relief Pressure (psid)120
Scavenge Capacity (gpm)25 (#7 bearing) & 50 (#8/9 bearing)
Scavenge Air/Oil Ratio, Nominal8:1
Scavenge Fluid Temperature, Maximum (°F)300
Mean Time Betweem Overhaul, MTBO (hours)40,000

Gas Turbine Engine

Lube and Scavenge Pump