The FT4 is the first engine of Pratt & Whitney’s industrial and marine gas turbine line. Derived from the very successful JT4 axial flow turbojet aircraft engine, the FT4 was first introduced as a propulsion unit on a variety of all-turbine naval vessels, including the Canadian Iroquois class destroyers, and the USCG Hamilton class cutters. The same basic power plant has seen much wider use as a peak demand power turbine. From its first introduction in 1960, nearly 1,000 FT4’s have been installed worldwide, and many are still in operation today.



Cascon is the exclusive supplier of lube oil and scavenge pumps for all new Pratt & Whitney Power Systems FT8 power turbine applications. Our FT4 oil lube & scavenge pump is derived from this proven technology. The multi circuit gerotor pump is designed by Cascon in accordance with Turbo Power and Marine Systems (predecessor to P&WPS) original equipment specification IPA 6262. This pump can therefore be used as a direct replacement to the Nichols Model GM626 lube oil pumps originally installed on the power turbine lube skid.

While the interconnect details are nearly identical to the Nichols pump, a minor amount of adaptation is required during installation. The foot-print and base mounting hole pattern is slightly smaller, and we utilize SAE o-ring type fluid ports versus pipe thread.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: MIL-L-23699, MIL-L-7808
Flow Rate: Lube Circuit 115 lb/min
Flow Rate – Scav #1 (#7 Brg): 215 lb/min @ 35 psid, 8:1 Air/Oil
Flow Rate – Scav #2 (8/9 Brg): 435 lb/min @ 35 psid, 8:1 Air/Oil
Temperature Range: -45 degF to +275 degF
Lube Operating Pressure:  100 psid
Rated Operating Speed: 3000 rpm (50 hz), 3600 (60 hz)
Relief Valve: Integral – 120 psi crack
MTBF: 40,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous