IGR Chemical Metering Pump P-054

In-Tank Urethane Metering and Dispensing | Industry Leading Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

Benefits & Features:

  • Ultra wear resistant IGR pump element
  • Oversized durable journal bearings
  • Suitable for closed loop (pressure) operation
  • Tang drive
  • Integrated safety burst plug
  • Integrated inlet screen
  • Proprietary coating process
  • Tens of thousands in service

Select Performance Parameters

FluidPolyol and Isocynate Chemicals
Fluid Viscosity Range (cSt)30 - 10,000
Displacement (cc/rev)1.0
Operating Speed (rpm)0 - 2,500
Pressure Rise, Maximum (bar)50
Operating Life (years)5
Size (in)2.19 D x 2.0 L
Weight (lb)1.5


Urethane Foam Packaging


IGR Pump