A manufacturer of commercial roofing systems asked Cascon to design custom metering gear pumps for a new adhesive dispensing system. Spraying adhesive delivers the lowest cost method of application for high production commercial roof projects. The two-component urethane adhesive is evenly dispensed through their patented disposable mixing tips, requiring one pump for each chemical. The complete dispensing system is low maintenance, lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Cost considerations were incorporated into the design so that the final product would be priced to fit the economics of the construction market.


Cascon designed a tandem style gerotor pump set for dispensing the two component adhesive at a 1:1 ratio. Each chemical metering pump is a positive displacement rotary type pump designed to meter precise amounts of water-based urethane chemicals. The pumps are all designed, tested, and produced by Cascon in the USA.

  • The pump features male/female shaft ends that mate together for tandem mounting to a single electric motor gear drive.
  • The housings and eccentric ring are constructed from cast iron bar, and the shaft is made from carburized and hardened AISI 8620 steel.
  • The housings are finished with Teflon impregnated, electroless nickel plating for superior wear and corrosion protection.
  • An integral pressure relief system protects the pump against damage caused by extreme operating speeds or pressures.

Commercial roofing companies use our customer’s dispensing system to adhere up to 60 roofing squares per hour.


Select Performance Data:

Fluids: Two-Component Urethane
Viscosity Range: 20 to 10,000
Displacement: 10 cc/rev
Temperature Range: -20, +150 degF
Operating Pressure Range: Up to 300 psi
Operating Speed Range: Up to 300 rpm
Duty Cycle: Continuous