Four-Output Lubrication Pump P-459

Lubrication and Sealing for Satellite-Based Cryogenic Compressor | Satellite Technology Integrator

Benefits & Features

This unique pump has eight inlets to integrate with the customer’s unique zero-g oil collection system and is designed to operate at very low input speeds.

  • Ultra-high reliability for extended operation in orbit
  • Hardened steel housings
  • Tool steel pump gears
  • Two independent circuits, four pressure regulated flows
  • Integrated pressure regulating valves

Select Performance Parameters

Pump Speed (rpm)200
Operating FluidPolyalphaolefin
Fluid Temperature Range (°F)0 to 200
Circuit Output Flow, Maximum (cc/min)29
Circuit Ouput Pressure Rise, Maximum (psid)800
Operating Life, Continuos (years)10

For Cryogenic Compressor

Coolant Pump, Made in the USA