Our customer’s space qualified cryogenic cooling system uses well proven technology to provide cold head temperatures at 65 and 120 degrees Kelvin. The system requires a specially designed gear pump to provide bearing lubrication and pressure sealing for the compressor.



Cascon’s pump supplies the oil needed to seal four pistons used in a multistage nitrogen compressor as well as to lubricate the associated bearing surfaces. The pump contains two independent main circuits each containing an external spur gear-set, filter, and regulator valve. All housings, gearplates, and shafts are manufactured from hardened M4 tool steel. The design has eight inlet ports that draw from a zero-gravity fluid collection system. Three regulated output flows are provided by the pump; two high pressure ports provide flow up to 1000 psi, a medium pressure port provide flow up to 250 psi, and a low pressure port which provides flow at 5 psi above ambient. Bypass flow exits through a check valve in the center of the pump shaft.

Select Performance Data:

Fluid: PAO (mineral oil)
Operating Speed: 200 rpm
Inlet Pressure: 14 psia
Oil Temperature: 0-200°F, 70 ± 5° nominal
HP Circuit Output: 15 cc/min
HP Circuit Pressure: 800 psig
LP Circuit Output: 29 cc/min
LP Circuit Pressure: 35 psig
Life: 10 years continuous
Duty Cycle: 500 start/stop cycles