Gear Driven Lubrication and Scavenge Pump P-292

Power Transfer, Lubrication, Cooling and Scavenge for Diesel Aircraft Engine | World Leading General Aviation Engine Manufacturer

Benefits & Features

This three-circuit pump keeps the engine lubricated and cool plus provides mounting and spline-drive for aircraft accessories.

  • Light weight aluminum housings
  • Integral relief valves
  • Gear drive
  • Two accessory mounting pads with spline drive per AND20000
  • Hydrodynamic journal bearings

Select Performance Parameters

FluidSAE 10W40
Operating Speed (rpm)500 - 3,200
Lubrication Flow (gpm)15.5
Lubrication Pressure Rise (gpm)80
Cooling Circuit Flow (gpm)15.5
Cooling Circuit Pressure Rise (psid)80
Scavenge Capacity (gpm)6
Fluid Temperature Range (°F)20 - 240
2 X Accessory Drive Power (HP)4.5

Gear Driven Pump Front and Back