28 Volt Hermetic Fuel Pump P-088

Fuel Supply for Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoy (ITALD)| Military Systems Integrator

Our customer’s unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is an air or ground-launched decoy, used to saturate and deceive enemy air defenses during strike aircraft operations. The UAV is powered by a small turbojet engine capable of operating at altitudes up to 30,000’ and speeds up to Mach 0.8.  Cascon leveraged its experience with electric drive motors and compliance with strict military requirements to arrive at a solution for this mission-critical application.

Benefits & Features

This unique design was developed to replace and improve an existing military grade pump used in the ITALD turbine engine fuel supply and control system.  The pump’s integrated flow meter provides data to the vehicle digital electronic engine control (DEC) for smooth turbine acceleration and deceleration.

  • Welded 316L hermetic casing design
  • Integrated flow meter
  • Custom brushless DC motor with high-energy samarium cobalt drive magnets
  • Carbon graphite journal bearings
  • 10 year storage life

Select Performance Parameters

Power Supply (Volts)22 to 32
Operating Speed, Maximum (rpm)7,500
Flow Rate (pph)20 pph – 400
Pressure Rise (psid)60 to 150
Operating Temperature Range (°C)-40 to +160
Transient Response (seconds)Min Flow to Max < 1.0
Size2.25 D X 6.0 L
Weight (lb)1.75


ITALD Drone Missile


28 V Hermetic Fuel Metering Pump