Our customer’s unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is an air or ground-launched decoy, used to deceive and saturate enemy air defenses during strike aircraft operations. The UAV is powered by a small turbojet engine capable of operating up to 30,000’ altitude with speeds up to Mach 0.8. They needed a custom fuel pump which complied with military specifications for mission-critical parts.



Cascon’s pump assembly provides a variable flow output from 20 to 400 pph to the turbojet engine when connected to the digital electronic engine control, power supply, and DEC logic, thus enabling full authority engine speed control for acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. The assembly consists of a positive displacement, gerotor type pump, a brushless dc motor that provides a tachometer speed output signal, and a fully hermetic, 316L stainless steel welded plumbing assembly with integral turbine style flowmeter that provides fuel flow signal to the DEC. A high-energy sumarian cobalt brushless dc motor provides the motive force to drive the fully enclosed permanent magnet rotor.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: JP-10
Flow Rate: 20 pph – 400 pph
Discharge Pressure Range: 60 – 150 psig
Inlet Pressure Range: 8 – 25 psia
Flow Metering: Accuracy +/- 5 %
Temperature Range:  -40 °C to +160 °C
Transient Response: Min to Max in <1.0 sec
Operating Voltage: 22 – 32 vdc (28 vdc nom)
Current Draw: 5 amps max at nominal voltage
Construction: Hermetic welded assembly
Storage Life: 10 years