Transmission Lube Pump P-050

Bearing and Gear Lubrication for Heavy Duty Class-8 Truck Transmission | Industry Leading Transmission OEM

Benefits & Features

This unique pump design relies on components manufactured with high volume processes and is integrated closely with the overall transmission design saving cost and space.

  • Custom designed sintered metal gerotor-pumping element with integral gear teeth for direct drive
  • Single threaded element mounting for rapid high-volume transmission assembly
  • High volume casting and fine-blanking manufacturing processes
  • Integrated pressure relief valve

Select Performance Parameters

FluidGear Oil (e.g., SAE 90W)
Pump Speed, Maximum (rpm)3000
Flow, Nominal (gpm)4.6
Fluid Temperature Range (°F)-40 to 250
Relief Valve Setting (psid)65
Pressure Rise, Nominal (psid)40
Operating Life (miles)1,000,000
Size4.1 W x 3.25 H x 2.47 L
Weight (lb)4.0

For Class 8 Truck Transmission

Lube & Scavenge Pump, Made in the USA