A diversified power management company asked Cascon to design a custom lubrication pump for their heavy duty class-8 truck transmission. The transmission would feature 30% more shock load capacity, finer teeth on the sliding clutches, and single rail shift controls for improved toughness and easier shifting. Cascon’s lube pump needed to fit directly into their drive gear, without the use of a rotating shaft. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, this pump also needed to be manufactured at a competitive price.


Cascon designed and manufactured an innovative gerotor pump for their application. The design of the transmission lubrication pump employed a number of features and manufacturing processes intended to support relatively high production quantities of 50,000 or more per year.

  • The gerotor-pumping element is custom designed with drive gear teeth molded directly into the outer profile element.
  • The gerotor rides on a shoulder bolt and is driven through the outer element directly from a gear in the transmission, thereby eliminating a rotating shaft in the pump.
  • High volume casting and fine-blanking processes are used on the housing and cover respectively.
  • All critical dimensions are monitored under statistical process control (SPC) via automated coordinate measurement machine (CMM).

The resulting transmission became of the most popular 10-speed transmissions sold world-wide. For over two decades it was the transmission of choice for many OE brands, setting the standard for reliable performance and durability.

Select Performance Data:

Fluid: SAE-90
Flow Rate: 4.6 GPM
Temperature Range: -40degF to +250 degF
Operating Speed: 40 psi
Regulating Valve: Integral – 65 psi crack
MTBF: 1 million miles
Duty Cycle: Continuous