Deionized Water Pump P-085

Environmental System Support Aboard the International Space Station (ISS) | Leading Supplier of Spacecraft Environmental Systems

Benefits & Features

This ceramic spur gear pump was designed to allow variants to support three environmental systems on the ISS: oxygen generation (OGA system), water delivery (WPDP system), and waste water processing (WWP system).  The highly engineered solution provides the exceptional reliability and long operating life required of space-based equipment; service calls are problematic.  Designed with common parts and processes these pumps featured:

  • Zirconia pump gears
  • Stellite drive shafts
  • Ceramic side plates
  • 316 stainless steel housings
  • Silicon-carbide journal bearings
  • Complete traceability and documentation to support NASA program standards
  • Zero-G operation

This ECLSS NASA Fact sheet provides an overview of the system which is located on Node 3 of the ISS.

Select Performance Parameters

FluidDeionized Water (OGA & WPDP), Grey Waste Water (WWP)
Pump Speed, Nominal (rpm)2,500
Pressure Rise (psid)30 (OGA & WPDP models), 110 (WWP model)
Flow (in3/minute)330 (OGA & WPDP models), 20 (WWP model)
Vibration & ShockTypical Spacecraft Launch Loads

International Space Station (ISS)

De-Ionized Water Pump