24 Volt Lube Pump P-069

Bearing Lubrication for 100 Kilowatt Micro-Turbine Generator | OEM Turbine Generator Manufacturer

Features & Benefits

Cascon’s lube pump design consists of a positive displacement gerotor pump mounted directly to a 24V, permanent magnet, brushless DC drive motor. The pump housings are machined from 356-T6 aluminum castings and coated with a teflon impregnated hard anodized finish for corrosion protection. The pump features PM Gerotor elements carried on a hardened steel shaft, which are supported by sealed and pre-greased ball bearings.

  • 24 V Electric Drive
  • Integral relief valve
  • Manifold mount


Select Performance Parameters

Input Power (Volts)24
Operating Speed, Nominal (rpm)3.600
Flow Rate (gpm)5.3
Pressure Rise (psid)80
Temperature Range (°F)-30 to 180
Operating Life (hours)40,000
Size (in)3.4 D X 7.4 L
Weight (lb)~8.5


for Microturbine Lubrication


Gerotor Pump, Made in the USA