Microturbines are one of the most important commercially available technologies to address the global problems of increasing electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions. They offer the combination of variable output power flexibility along with clean, reliable operation in a small, lightweight package. Our customer needed a custom pump design to most effectively lubricate their engine.


Cascon’s lube pump design consists of a positive displacement gerotor pump mounted directly to a 24V, permanent magnet, brushless dc drive motor. The pump housings are machined from 356-T6 aluminum castings and coated with a teflon impregnated hard anodized finish for corrosion protection. The pump features PM Gerotor elements carried on a hardened steel shaft, which are supported by sealed and pre-greased ball bearings.


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: MIL-L-23699, MIL-L-7808
Lube Flow Rate: 5.3 GPM
Operating Pressure: 80 psig
Temperature Range: -30 degF to +180 degF
Max Operating Speed: 3600 rpm
Drive Motor: 24 vdc brushless
MTBF: 40,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Relief Valve:  Integral, 90 psid