An Eastern European defense electronics company contracted Cascon to design, develop, and manufacture a compact, positive displacement, glycol coolant pump for use in a military aircraft electronics cooling application.  This compact and lightweight coolant pump circulates a mixture of ethylene glycol and water.

Our customer needed a custom pump design to meet their specific requirements for form, fit, and function. These requirements included meeting a range of military standards, high reliability and operating performance, along with minimizing the size and weight of the pump assembly. The pump needed to withstand variable environmental conditions associated with military aircraft mission and flight profiles.


Cascon provided engineering and manufacturing services to support all phases of the project including prototype development, product verification, and serial production. One of the primary design challenges was isolation of the electric drive motor and motor control electronics from the water based working fluid, while still meeting the customer’s requirements for minimal size and weight.

A brushless DC motor was selected in order to meet a 10,000 operating life requirement and also to provide variable flow control capability.  The motor rotor is flooded with the working fluid, however a stationary barrier tube made from 316 stainless steel isolates the motor stator, keeping the iron laminations and windings of the motor from exposure to the EGW fluid.  The isolation tube approach also has the advantage of eliminating a dynamic rotary shaft seal from the design.

Cascon’s semi-hermetic gerotor pump solution met all the program objectives for space, weight, performance, and reliability.  Key design elements included light weight corrosion resistant materials, silicon carbide journal bearings, and brushless dc drive motor with integral motor electronics.

Fluid: EGW
Flow: 2 LPM
Voltage: 28 VDC
Ambient Temperature Range: -30 to 85 C
Operating Speed: 5200 rpm
Pressure: 3 bar DP
Military Specifications: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-704