Multi-Function Transmission Pump P-260

Lubrication, Actuation, and Fluid Transfer Pump for Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) | Manufacturer of Transmissions for Large Construction and Military Vehicles

Benefits & Features

This custom pump design integrates a variety of functionality and very unique interface features to simplify our customer’s transmission design.  Leveraging catalog components where possible and choosing the appropriate manufacturing processes helps keep the product cost within budget.

  • Highly integrated into the transmission
  • Through spline-drive
  • Multiple integrated valves
  • Light-weight aluminum housings
  • Hardened sintered metal gerotor pump element

Select Performance Parameters

Pump Speed, Nominal (rpm)2,500
Working FluidSynthetic Transmission Fluid
Circuit Pressure Rise, Maximum Continuous (psid)500
Fluid Temperature Range (°C)-40 - 120
Duty CycleContinuous
Size (in)6.8 x 9.25 x 14.0
Weight (lb)25

For commercial, off-road, and military vehicles

Pump for IVT Transmission (front and back)