270 Volt Water/Propylene-Glycol Coolant Pump P-1008

Critical Electrical Equipment Thermal Management for Tracked Military Vehicle | Military Vehicle Integrator

Benefits & Features

This canned -rotor design is installed directly in the coolant reservoir to minimize overall system size and complexity.

  • 270 supply voltage
  • 220 °C rated motor
  • Integrated electronics
  • Integrated relief valve
  • Cast aluminum housings
  • Double-wall extrusion and specially designed motor end-cap provides cold surfaces for dissipation of heat from the motor windings and motor control circuitry
  • MIL-C-38999 series electrical interconnect

Select Performance Parameters

Input voltage (Vdc)270
Input Power, Maximum (Watts)1,650
Flow (gpm)19
Pressure, Nominal (psid)50
Ambient Temperature (°F)-50 to +160
Duty cycleContinuous
Operating life (hours)10,000


Military Vehicle, Ambient & Electrical Cooling System


Coolant Pump, Made in the USA