A military vehicle manufacturer designed a temperature control system for their new tracked military vehicle. The system provides ambient cooling for combat personnel, and active cooling of critical electrical equipment and tactical weapons controls. All components of this project must continuously perform while mobile, at extreme temperatures and in arid or humid conditions. The design required a coolant pump which would deliver a mixture of chilled propylene glycol and water into the distribution system without significantly raising the temperature.



This company chose Cascon to design and manufacture a custom pump for the project. The resulting positive displacement gerotor pump assembly includes several heat dissipating features, meets all pressure and flow requirements, and integrates an electric drive motor with motor control electronics.

The drive motor is a permanent magnet, 270 vdc brushless dc design, featuring high energy neodymium magnets, Class H winding insulation (rated to 220 deg C), pre-lubricated sealed ball bearings, and anodized aluminum housing.

The pump body and cover are machined from 356-T6 aluminum castings.

The pump assembly features an internal thermal management system designed to dissipate heat generated from the motor/driver.

Fluid enters through a port at the top of the motor housing, then circulates around the motor jacket and exits into the reservoir located below the pump mounting flange.

A double-wall extrusion and specially designed motor end-cap provides cold surfaces for dissipation of heat from the motor windings and motor control circuitry.

A weather tight aluminum enclosure, containing a MIL-C-38999 Series power receptacle, completes the enclosure.

Select Performance Data:

Fluid: 50% mixture of Propylene Glycol and Water
Flow Rate: 19 GPM
Operating Speed: 2200 RPM
Operating Pressure: 50 psig, nominal
Relief Pressure: 80 psig
Ambient Temperature: -50 to +160 degF
Operating Voltage: Floating ground -135 to +135vdc
Power Consumption: 1650 watts max conditions
Rated Life: 10,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous