Cascon News

Cascon delivers custom, engineer-to-order, and configure-to-order pumps and related products with a relentless pursuit of superior service, innovation, and performance. These periodic articles highlight some of our product successes, unique capabilities, and perspectives on engineering development.

Cascon Introduces Configure-to-Order fuel and coolant pump

Cascon has a long history developing custom AC, DC and brushless DC electric drive pumps.  With the introduction of our Series 300-100 Hi-Rel Fuel and Coolant Pumps, customers can now take advantage of technology developed for our custom military and manned space flight programs in a flexible package that’s available in a variety of build-to-order configurations.  With an input voltage of 28VDC and a maximum input power of approximately 100 Watts, the Series 300-100 can supply flows up to 6.5 liters/minute and pressures up to 15 bar.  The pump can be supplied with a variety of displacements, fluid interface and control options to suit to your particular system design.