Custom Fuel Pump for Military UAV Turbojet P-062


A manufacturer of small, dispensable, turbojet engines hired Cascon to design and manufacture an electronically controlled, precision custom fuel metering pump. This custom pump would be integrated into a family of turbojet engines to be used for a range of unmanned military air vehicles. The power rating for the engines range from 30 lbf to 100 lbf of thrust.


Cascon’s fuel metering pump assembly consists of a high efficiency positive displacement pump and a permanent magnet brushless DC motor with integral drive electronics. The design utilizes our patented IGR technology for precise metering of fuel to control engine operation. The pumps were all designed, tested, and produced by Cascon in the USA.

  • The rotor is manufactured from tool steel and housed in a cast iron eccentric ring.
  • The rotor and motor share a common shaft that is made from hardened steel and is supported by pre-greased sealed ball bearings.
  • Pump and motor housings are machined from heat-treated aluminum. Fuel flow is controlled via a 0-5 VDC input command.
  • The pump can run either in an open-loop configuration, relying strictly on the proportionality of speed to flow, or in a closed looped configuration with direct feedback from the ECU.

Select Performance Data:

Fluid: JP-4, JP-8, JP-10
Flow Rate: 2-80 pph
Discharge Pressure Range: 10-80 psi
Inlet Pressure Range: 8-25 psi
Flow Metering Accuracy: +/- 5%
Temperature Range: -40 degF to +180 degF
Transient Response: Min to Max in <1.0 sec
Operating voltage: 22-32 vdc [28 vdc nom]
Weight: 10 ounces
Construction: Semi-hermetic aluminum assembly
Storage Life: 10 years

For Turbojet Powered Tactical UAV

Fuel Metering Pump, Made in USA