Hydraulic Gerotor Pump P-065

Recovery Winch Lubrication and Actuation | Forestry Equipment Manufacturer

Benefits & Features

This custom designed pump fits in a very constrained space within the customer’s product and required an integral gear drive.

  • Cast iron housing
  • Heat treated sintered metal gerotor element
  • Spur gear drive
  • Hardened steel shaft
  • Needle bearings

Select Performance Parameters

FluidSAE 10W
Operating Speed, Nominal (rpm)1,100
Pressure Rise (psid)400
Flow at Nominal Speed (gpm)2.4
Fluid Temperature Range (°F)-40 - 250
Operating Life15 years
Size (in)5.4 W x 3.2 H X 3.75 L
Weight (lb)6.2


for Skidder Recovery Winch


Gerotor Pump, Made in the USA