Our customer’s twenty ton, heavy duty recovery winch is a single drum unit that mounts on the rear of a crawler tractor, and is driven by engine power through the tractor power take-off. Standard features include single lever control, drag adjustable freespool, and a hydraulically actuated clutch. They needed a custom pump for delivering hydraulic fluid to the clutch of a heavy duty recovery winch.



Cascon designed a hydraulic gerotor pump assembly which installs inside the winch enclosure and is mechanically driven through the integral spur gear. All parts are designed to be manufactured economically by Cascon in the USA at quantities which support our customers production needs. Critical construction materials include:

  • Cast iron housing
  • PM gerotor element
  • Steel drive gear
  • Hardened steel shaft carried on needle bearings


Select Performance Data:

Fluid: SAE-10
Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM
Temperature Range: -40 degF to +150 degF
Operating Pressure: 40 psid
Operating Speed: 1100 rpm (nom)
MTBF: 15 years
Duty Cycle: Continuous