Hydraulic Pump for 4MW GT Power Generation P-073


The design of our customer’s gas turbine engine is derived from a triple shaft commercial aviation turboprop power plant. This lightweight, fuel efficient engine, can be configured to meet a wide variety of mechanical and electric drive configurations, such as a trailer mounted power-pack designed for rapid deployment in urban areas. The engine can deliver up to 6,025 bhp or from 3.7 to 4.2 Mw when used for electrical power generation. They needed a multi-circuit gerotor pump to provide six independent functions; lube oil supply to the turbine bearings, and oil scavenge from six oil sumps.



Cascon’s custom designed positive displacement pump is a modular construction that can be easily adapted to support different engine configurations, such as marine propulsion or power generation. The circuits are constructed from cast ductile iron housings with gerotors carried on a single hardened steel shaft. Dowel pins provide precise positional alignment of adjoining housings, which are then clamped together with a series of tie-rods. Scavenge inlets are routed through a manifold block containing blow-down valves, which act as check valves to bypass a portion of the scavenge flow by the pump during engine start up. The discharge of all five scavenge circuits are connected by manifold to a common discharge port.

Select Performance Data:

Fluid: MIL-L-23699, MIL-L-7808
Lube Circuit Flow:  21 GPM @ 208 psid
Scavenge #1: 30 GPM @ 40 psid
Scavenge #2, #3: 65 GPM @ 40 psid
Scavenge #4: 44 GPM @ 40 psid
Scavenge #5: 17 GPM @ 40 psid
Ambient Temp. Range: -45 degF to +275 degF
Operating Speed: 2950-3600 rpm
Lube Relief Valve: Integral – 250 psid crack
Drive Interface: Electric Motor
MTBO: 20,000 hours
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Weight: 180 lbs


for Gas Turbine Engine


Multi-Circuit Lube and Scavenge Pump, Made in the USA