Auto-Reversing Gerotor Pump P-053

Class 8 Tandem Truck Axle Lubrication | Leading Drivetrain Manufacturer

Benefits & Features

Cascon designed this custom product for an industry leading drivetrain manufacturer to integrate tightly into their new axle design and be driven differentially to eliminate parasitic losses in the axle when lube flow was not needed.  This novel approach saves significant fuel for truck fleet operators and resulted in a patent which Cascon assigned to the customer in exchange for a long-term production contract.

  • Design and Manufacturing Processes for High Volume (>20,000 Units/Year)
  • Auto Reversing Design
  • Tang Drive
  • Manufactured from High Volume Casting
  • Sintered Metal Gerotor

Select Performance Parameters

FluidGear Oil (e.g., SAE 90W)
Pump Speed (rpm)0 - 2,000
Displacement (in3/revolution).225
Pressure, Nominal (psid)50
Flow, Maximum Speed (gpm)1.75
Fluid Temperature Range (°F)-30 - 250
MTBF5 Years or 750,000 Miles
Size (in)2.1 D X 1.75 L
Weight (lb)1.25

For Axle Lubrication, Trucking Industry

Gerotor Pump, Made in the USA