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Cascon delivers custom, engineer-to-order, and configure-to-order pumps and related products with a relentless pursuit of superior service, innovation, and performance. These periodic articles highlight some of our product successes, unique capabilities, and perspectives on engineering development.

Cascon meets its building electrical demand with solar panels

Cascon's 25 kW solar array

With a staff made up of cyclists, skiers, hikers and lovers of the Maine outdoors, it’s only logical we’d want to do our part for the environment. To reduce our impact, we installed approximately 25 kW of solar panels on our Yarmouth, Maine facility, effectively satisfying the electrical demand for our office and laboratory. 

Installed in 2017, our system of Sunmodule solar cells and SolarEdge inverters produces almost 35,000 kWh of energy each year, despite the long winters we experience near the 45thparallel.  The result: an offset of almost 36,000 lbs. of carbon pollution each year.