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Cascon delivers custom, engineer-to-order, and configure-to-order pumps and related products with a relentless pursuit of superior service, innovation, and performance. These periodic articles highlight some of our product successes, unique capabilities, and perspectives on engineering development.

Cascon delivers prototype space suit pumps

Cascon has been working with long-time customer Collins Aerospace (formerly Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems) to develop an electric-drive, positive-displacement cooling pump for a next generation portable life support system (PLSS) for space suit applications.  Working closely with Collins Aerospace engineering staff, Cascon has participated in trade study activities and delivered several rounds of bench-test pumps to support system development.  The efforts culminated with the delivery of flight-like prototypes in late 2018 to be tested on the International Space Station later this year.  The pumps incorporated a specially-designed brushless DC motor, ceramic pump gears and plates, and a 3D-printed titanium housing.

Designed to require minimal input power and provide reliable operation over a fifteen-year service life, the pump requires only a few Watts and weighs in at just over 500 grams.