Product Type: Fuel Metering Pumps

Series 300–100, Hi-Rel Fuel and Coolant Pump

Based on technology developed by Cascon for space flight and military products, this flexible package is available in a variety of build-to-order configurations to provide the displacement, fluid interfaces and control options suited to your particular system design. Cascon’s Series 300-100 pump models provide an affordable aerospace-grade solution for your high-reliability fuel and coolant pumping application. While… Read more »

Custom Fuel Pump for Aircraft

Objectives Our customer needed a custom fuel pump to satisfy the needs of their aircraft design and satisfy aviation standards for safety and reliability. This line of general aviation aircraft is designed for the needs of private air travelers. There is seating for four and the plane has a range of 925 nautical miles, with… Read more »

Fuel Gear Pump for Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Objectives Our customer’s tactical UAV system consists of four air vehicles and the associated ground equipment, from where the operators have full control over the UAVs and their sensors. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS navigation system for fully autonomous operation, and can be controlled using both LOS (Line-Of-Sight) and non-LOS datalinks. The UAV’s… Read more »

Fuel Rotary Pump for Micro-Turbine Generator

Objectives Our customer’s miniature or “micro” gas turbine powered electric generation systems typically feature a high-speed electric alternator, mounted directly on the turbine shaft, a high current inverter/rectifier system, and heat recovery system or recuperator. The system produces clean power in the 30 kw to 200 kw range, and heat that can be used for… Read more »

Custom Fuel Pump for Tactical Air Launch Decoy

Objectives Our customer’s unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is an air or ground-launched decoy, used to deceive and saturate enemy air defenses during strike aircraft operations. The UAV is powered by a small turbojet engine capable of operating up to 30,000’ altitude with speeds up to Mach 0.8. They needed a custom fuel pump which complied… Read more »

Custom Fuel Pump for Military UAV Turbojet

Objectives A manufacturer of small, dispensable, turbojet engines hired Cascon to design and manufacture an electronically controlled, precision custom fuel metering pump. This custom pump would be integrated into a family of turbojet engines to be used for a range of unmanned military air vehicles. The power rating for the engines range from 30 lbf… Read more »