Product Type: Chemical Metering Pumps

Chemical Metering Pump for Dispensing System

Objectives Our customer’s chemical dispensing system provides versatility for metering and dispensing of a wide variety of fluids used for caulking, joint and crack filling, sealants and adhesives. They needed a custom chemical metering pump which reliably dispenses several types of chemicals and resist corrosion.   Solutions Cascon designs custom gerotor type pumps specifically for… Read more »

Custom Chemical Metering Pump for Urethane Foam Dispenser

Objectives A globally marketed packaging company approached Cascon to design and manufacture a custom chemical metering pump for their urethane foam packaging system. They designed a fast, easy, and versatile product which produces protective polyurethane foam packages. The two component urethane chemicals would be automatically mixed and precisely metered to create high quality foam which… Read more »

Gear Pump for Adhesive Dispensing System

Objectives A manufacturer of commercial roofing systems asked Cascon to design custom metering gear pumps for a new adhesive dispensing system. Spraying adhesive delivers the lowest cost method of application for high production commercial roof projects. The two-component urethane adhesive is evenly dispensed through their patented disposable mixing tips, requiring one pump for each chemical…. Read more »