Product Development

Custom pump design by Cascon.

Our engineering resources are focused on the design, development, and manufacture of custom engineered gerotor and gear pumps, custom hydraulic motors, and related hydraulic devices for mission critical applications. Our expertise is primarily related to the application of rotary, positive displacement technologies (gerotors, gears, and IGR), and development of the precision machining and manufacturing processes necessary to produce the critical components used in these designs.

Cascon’s years of experience with product development have led to a proven step-by-step process for bringing a custom fluid motor or pump product from concept to reality. Potential customers who call Cascon will be able to have an open and frank discussion about whether or not a custom hydraulic solution is right for them. We want to work with companies that know their market, and have the vision for a solution to serve it. If your solution involves a custom pump or related product, then we can help you.

Define the Requirements

Clear problem definition is the cornerstone of reaching an optimum solution. Cascon’s engineers have refined a systematic approach to defining, prioritizing, documenting and tracking the requirements of your custom pump or related product through the design and verification process. Our approach has proven beneficial whether you already have a detailed specification or just an idea of what you need. We’ll help make sure your new product is designed to perform the way you want under every condition you’ve thought of, and perhaps a few you haven’t.

Variable speed pump by Cascon.

Cascon’s first step in the development of a custom pump or custom hydraulic product is to help the customer define their technical requirements for the application. We will optimize the pump design for precise interconnect with their system, and address any challenges or areas of risk early in the process.

We perform an initial technical assessment by gathering information from a variety of sources. This information is then used to develop a Functional Design that will support a proposal for development of a new custom engineered product. The technical assessment process is very collaborative; we rely on the customer to provide a description of their physical, functional, and performance requirements, including form factor, mechanical and electrical interconnect features, environmental conditions, and regulatory requirements.

With a clear, precise and mutual understanding of the product requirements, we are ready to design.

Design the Solution

Computational Fluid Dynamics

custom pump manufacturing by Cascon.

Cascon is a custom pump manufacturer.

FEA Model – Pressurized Motor Shell

This is what keeps our engineers awake at night; how to achieve the simplest, least expensive, and most elegant design solution to meet your product requirements. As you would expect, we bring the latest design tools to the task; virtual modeling (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as well as a host of proprietary tools we’ve developed ourselves.

Of course, more important than the tools are the engineers and designers that wield them. Some of our engineers have been involved with pump design for almost fifty years. Their skill, experience and combined industry knowledge insures that the most effective technologies and proven design strategies are incorporated into your new product. In addition to in-house mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, we have long-standing and close relationships with suppliers and consultants that can bring expertise in materials, metallurgy, electric motors, and electronics to our designs.

Collaboration between our engineering, program, and manufacturing staff insures that your schedule, price target, and implementation planning requirements are also accounted for in the product design and in addition to our internal review gates, we’ll host a virtual or face-to-face design review meeting with your staff to make sure you understand how the product will work in your application.

Produce a Prototype

Prototype Water Pump Assembly

Prototype Water Pump Assembly

Prototype Water Pump Component Set

Prototype Water Pump Component Set

In most cases the manufacture of prototypes is beneficial before production launch to verify that the design meets your requirements. To the maximum extent possible, prototypes are constructed using intended production processes and machinery. This insures the smoothest transition from prototype to production.

Once the design is approved by the customer, we then generate all the supporting documentation needed for manufacture of prototypes, including assembly drawing with complete BOM, engineering analysis, detailed machine and procurement drawings, and written procedures to support manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Verify the Design

Accelerated Life Test Rig

Accelerated Life Test Rig

With prototypes in hand, we can conclusively verify that the product design will meet all its requirements. Speeds, flows, pressures, and other performance parameters can generally be verified with our in-house test rigs. We can also perform limited or accelerated life testing as well if needed. We can accommodate environmental testing (e.g. MIL-STD-810 or RTCA DO/160) through the use our established subcontractor base. We can blend the use of internal and external resources to cost-effectively make sure your product is ready for production launch.

Manufacture the ProductCascon

Once all the necessary qualification tests have been completed, Cascon engineers prepare for a smooth transition into serial production. Inputs into the production design process are based on the output from the functional design and the prototype development process. This phase may include refinements to the customer specifications, or a redesign of key components within the product assembly to address changes in the manufacturing process that are needed to drive costs down, as the program moves to higher rates of production.

Cascon will also design and build any production tooling that might be required such as casting patterns, CNC tooling, test fixtures, and assembly fixtures. We design, fabricate, and maintain our own production test equipment to ensure continued operational performance.

Technical Support for the Life of the Program

Aerospace Water Pump Prototype

Aerospace Water Pump Prototype

As both the designer and the manufacturer, Cascon supports its customers and products with the technical know-how, analytical skills, manufacturing expertise, and real-life field experience to ensure continued reliability and performance throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Cascon continues to provide technical support and engineering services as needed while the program matures. For example, you may have future cost reduction initiatives or requests for design changes to enhance operational performance. For over 25 years Cascon’s engineers have thrived in a customer-oriented environment, measuring our success with our customer’s success.